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We are NOT Wicca.

The God, Dionysus

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Lists of Pagan Religions

The Academy in Athens.

Here you will find lists and links for groups, organizations and information websites for Pagan religions. We have listed websites according to our understanding of how best they fit.

Traditionalists Groups and Websites - List and links to various Traditional Witchcraft sites and Italian Craft sites.

List and Links of Other Pagan Religions - All other Pagan religions sites which include:

1) Reconstructionist religions are those that are associated with a specific culture and where they have attempted to revive the authentic worship of the cultures' historic gods (Greek, Roman, Hawaiian, etc).

2) Other polytheistic religions.

3) Neo-Pagan, or "new Pagan" religions. Some may have been influenced by Wiccan beliefs and practice, but are not Wicca. Some may incorporate magic into their rituals.

Note: The information we provide is for informational purposes only. We do not confirm nor deny the legitimacy of any group, coven, organization, or information site that we list.

Before you join any group, coven, or organisation, we suggest you do research to insure the group is legitimate and safe.

Visit ICSA , which is a non-profit organization that provides important information about cults and psychological manipulation.

You can also read our article on The Danger of Cults .

The information we provide are our understanding of each religion or tradition. We try to be accurate, but of course we will not always be correct. If you believe we have mis-categorized a religion or tradition, or you wish to politely bring to our attention a possible error or omission, then we encourage you to email us at "adrian @".

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