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To Trad Witchcraft

A Seeker's Guide
to Understanding Traditional Witchcraft Beliefs, Concepts, Customs, Rituals, and Spellcraft.

Note: This is the traditional "Old Craft". We are NOT related to Wicca.

The God, Dionysus

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Ritual Tools

Ritual ToolsRitual tools have no intrinsic power or energy of their own. This means the tools themselves are actually not essential to ritual or to spellwork.

However, the use of tools in ritual and magic is beneficial only in that they can serve as an aid, a convenience, and help add to ritual consciousness.

The tools you select to use in ritual and magic may be home-made, purchased used, or purchased new. Used or older tools are not only acceptable, they are preferred. Don't think you need to buy when you already have something around the house that will do.

If you must buy something, don't forget to look at flea markets, yard sales, and antique stores. However, there are two things to remember when you buying an item used in ritual or in magic:

1. You must remove all previous energies.

2. It is never appropriate to quibble over the price. If an item is worth the price, buy it. If not, don't buy it.

The four elements and directions of Nature.

Moon through the trees.



Traditional Magic

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