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Pagan Religions
Article Table of Contents

The Academy in Athens.

The Parthenon Temple in AthensMost of this website is about modern Trad Witchcraft which is a spirituality. However, today there are a variety of Pagan religions. In this section you will find articles on some of them.

We realise that many important Pagan religions are not represented here; however, we hope this section will expand as time goes by.

The reader may first be interested in the article, An Overview of Paganism Today - A very brief review of Paganism today.

Religio Romana

Religio Romana - Recently Expanded An Introduction to the official (pagan) religion of the Roman Empire.

Saturnalia - An important Holy Day and celebration in Roman Pagan Religion that is celebrated by some in Traditional Craft.

Articles on Other Pagan Religions

Neo-Paganism - An introduction to this modern expression of traditional Germanic Paganism.

The Oracle of Delphi - The most remarkable institution of the ancient world and of Greek Religion. The splendid oracle of Lord God Apollo played a major role in guiding life in the Greek world.

Mithraism - Based on the Zoroastrian god Mithra, this mystery religion came to Rome and spread throughout the Empire and became very popular.

Huna - Arguably an indigenous religion, reconstructionist religion, or the "New Thought" religion of the Hawaiian Islands.

Santería - This Afro-Cuban religion is cloaked in secrecy. With the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 1993, members of this religion were affirmed in their right to observe there unusual rituals.

Wicca Compared to The Traditional Craft

Various Pagan Religious Groups   (Note: This is a List, Not Articles) - Information websites for religions, groups, and organizations of Pagan, Neo-Pagan, Nordic heathen, and other reconstructionist, historic, and other polytheistic religions.

The four elements and directions of Nature.

Moon through the trees.



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