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to Understanding Traditional Witchcraft Beliefs, Concepts, Customs, Rituals, and Spellcraft.

Note: This is the traditional "Old Craft". We are NOT related to Wicca.

The God, Dionysus

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The Purposes of Magic
and the Understanding of Energy


A young womanTraditional Magic is practical for everyday life. It has been the magical mainstay of British wizardry from the old times of the Cunning folk to the present day's Trad Witch. It is a simple yet profound discipline that can catch the imagination and apply the rule of Nature into one's life with grace and justice. However, beyond all, it is a sensible path that lights the Crafter's spirit.

Magic spells are can be effective when used to:

  • Protect and safeguard oneself, family, house and property.
  • Implement self-improvement for personal growth and development, as personal growth is of central importance.
  • Assist healing oneself and help in the healing of others.
  • Assist in achieving one's set goals.
  • Remove barriers and impediments.
  • Create openings and opportunities.

Understanding the Nature of Energy & Magic Spells

It may be beneficial for you to understand a few things about the nature of energy and how it relates to spells.

Energy remains constant in that it can change or alter but will never increase or diminish in strength. Energy is the building block of the universe, in fact, it is the universe and everything in it. Energy is universal.

All magical spellwork is governed by intent, the spoken purpose of a spell, and a spell powered by energy, the mental and allied energies inserted into a spell during its casting, meaning mental energy, plus help from the spirits.

By its nature, energy, including the energy of a spell, can be affected or influenced by other energies it may encounter along its way to its destination. As the energy of a spell can be altered or changed, ocassionally it will arrive somewhat differently than originally intended. Of course, this is not always the case. Nevertheless, some Crafters, or witches, use preamble and postscript prescriptions to enwrap a spell to help prevent alternation. However, the tendency for energy to change is always there. Such devices are taught to seekers as they are learning the basics of spellworking.

Energy is also subject to the Law of Cause And Effect, which says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, the energy of a spell will eventually return to the sender, in some form. This may not be the form expected. So, whatever the outcome of the spell that you intended, there is the additional effect of the returned energy that comes back to the sender. Spellcasting is always done with this in mind. This is another benefit or problem of casting spells. For positive spells, that is usually not a problem. For negative spells, well this is the cost.

Traditional Witches, or Crafters, will at times practice defensive magic. This is because it is considered ethical and responsible to use curses and hexes for protection against a those who wish to inflict intentional harm.

Some with less experience in witchcraft and those not from traditional families (usually Wiccans) are fond of saying that spells must "do no harm." However, these fuzzy bunny spells are irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

Spellcraft has always been used as a defense from the intentional harm of others. In fact, not to respond to an external threat to oneself, family or friends by the use of defensive magical techniques is clearly being negligent of one's fundamental responsibilities to oneself and those we love and protect.

Magic spells are not innately good nor bad. They exist as a tool, just like all the other tools we own. They are used as is necessary for our good and protection. Learning to use spells correctly is a skill that can be learned, just as we can learn to use any tool correctly.

Magic Spells

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