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From the Middle English, meaning one who is wise, a male practitioner of the Traditional Magical Arts, a male witch.

Before modern times, virtually every village and town in Britain and Northern Europe had at least one member of the community that was an "adept", a master of magic. If a male, he was sometimes called a "wizard". As with most Wise Women, wizards were thought of as cunning, in the sense of being bright and especially gifted. Wizards were often highly respected members of the community.

In England, the Witchcraft Acts of 1542, 1563, and 1604 made felonies of the most popular services wizards and wise women provided. However, many were protected from criminal prosecution because of their wide popularity, especially by their more powerful clientele. Nevertheless, if in some way they offended, they could and would be prosecuted under the Witchcraft Act.

Even though "wizard" is not an offensive term, it is usually not used in the witchcraft community today.  Maybe it should.

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