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The Eglinton Herbal Primer.

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Witchcraft is the application of magic for an intended purpose; the use of spirits, including familiar spirits, to affect some needed change; to create an intentional change or to shape reality in conformity with a desired result, and/or to gain more knowledge of our existance and of the Spirit World. In Europe, witchcraft is more closely associated with shamanism than in the United States.

Traditional Witchcraft is the use of our inner divine energy to influence and cause change in the physical world or to change personal consciousness, and to communicate with spirits. Witchcraft and Traditional Witchcraft in itself is not a religion, but it is the utilization of The Magical Arts. It can be used alone or it can be used in co-ordination with a religious framework.

Wicca is a formal religion and is bent towards some use of ceremonial magick of the Western Occult Tradition and its celebrational rituals than in the daily use of straightforward magic. Thus, Wicca is radically different than the magical history of Britain and its pagan religion, as it is radically different from Traditional Witchcraft.

The Traditional Craft (traditional witchcraft) is a modern manifestation of the old Pagan spiritual beliefs of the British peoples. Trad Witchcraft can be used to achieve a better world, personal growth, and to gain a better understanding of Nature Spirituality. Trad Witchcraft includes the use of spells, protective spells, personal development techniques, healing, spirit travel, and divination.

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