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Pertaining to the magic of the Traditional Craft, traditional witchcraft, and not slight-of-hand entertainment. Otherwise known as The magical arts, British Trad Witchcraft has a long history going back into pre-Roman times. Magical rites and practices are part of the indigenous British, British Celtic, and the Anglo, Saxon, and Jute heritages. It has come down to us and forms our present understanding of magical practices in the Traditional Craft.

Magical technique enables access to universal energy, and employs that energy by control, intentional change, and direction to shape or reshape reality, to aid us in our lives, and to help us achieve higher spiritual understanding. Thus, its purposes are both spiritual and physical.

Magic works in harmony with Nature because it is part of Nature and the laws of physics, which govern Nature.

Magic, or witchcraft, can only work when there is the physical possibility of success. It is always best to take physical steps to help solve or deal with a problem or intended goal. The physical action opens the realm of possibility; magical action is employed to increase positive odds, sometimes dramatically.

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