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Glossary of Traditional Witchcraft Terms

Hedge Witch
or Hedge Witchery

Blue Moon Manor

All Traditional Crafters, or Trad witches, use Going With techniques (meditation and visualization) to delve into Twilight, a trance state. Thus, many "Hedge Ride" or visit the Spirit World using these shamanic techniques. Hedge Witches are known for this activity.

Some have used psycho-active herbs for as an aid, but many others do not. Many Hedge Witches are also knowledgeable of the use of herbs for medicinal use.

In previous ages, the Hedge Witch was well known in their village as the local wizard, Cunning Man. or Wise Woman who would be called upon for personal advice, advice from the Spirit World, spells, herbal cures, and other healing techniques for the local folk.

Note: Be aware there are some Wiccans today that while they are strictly non-shamanic practitioners, nevertheless they call themselves Hedge Witches. This is an oxymoron. Certain Wiccan authors have books with Hedge Witch in their titles. One such book states the author has "redefined the term Hedge Witchery for the modern era." Well, this redefinition is total nonsense and books of this nature are nothing but ill-informed Wiccan twaddle.

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