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A cauldron is a large round iron pot that use to be a very popular means of cooking over an open fire or in the household hearth. Today, it is mostly associated with witchcraft. Some Trads use them in ritual and in magical workings. The caldron is symbolic of the womb and fertility, new life, transformation, abundance, and the revival of the dead. Cauldron on the fire.

The cauldron has an ancient and romantic history. They were commonly used for cooking by every European society until the 20th century. The caldron is also associated with the folklore of the French, Irish, Celtic, and Germanic (Anglo-Saxon) peoples, where the magic cauldron never emptied of food at a feast. The Celts were skilled metal-smiths and were known for their iron cooking vessels. Their iron vessels became legond in the Roman Empire as the Celtic lands became an intregal part of the Roman world.

By tradition, a cauldron must be made of iron and should have three legs (four is acceptable). It's best if it has a handle and a lid. As with any ritual tool, its use is optional in the Traditional Craft.

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