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Glossary of Traditional Witchcraft Terms


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An object cleansed and infused with energy intended to be a defense deflecting negative energy.

The most common form of amulet is a charm worn on a necklace or bracelet. The most classic or common designs are that of an eye (to protect against the "evil eye"), a stylized hand (the "Yud HaShem" worn by Sephardic (Spanish) Jews), and a Pentacle (a pentagram, or five-pointed star, in a circle).

But an amulet can actually be any object, such as a watch, a necklace with or without a charm, or a gem, stone, coin, or even an inscription on paper, parchment, wood or other material.

A talisman is a term most use as a synonim for amulet, while some use the term talisman to mean a magically infused onject to attract positive energy, rather than to deflect negative energy. See talisman.

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