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The Journey
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The God, Dionysus
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The Eglinton Herbal Primer.

Adrian Eglinton's

Herbal Primer

A 180-page illustrated eBook on Craft-related Medicinal Plants and their use.

Glossary of Traditional Witchcraft Terms


Blue Moon Manor

A set of 78 colourfully illustrated cards in a deck that is used today primarily as a tool for divinatory purposes. The use of Tarot is in discovering the hidden truths of life, a reflection of truth in answer to a question presented to the spirits for guidance. The cards of the Tarot deck uses elaborate symbolism representing the major divinatory characteristics of the individual card.

A deck of Tarot cards is made up of two forms.

  • The first form is the first suit known as the Major Arcana, the primary secrets. These are 22 cards of highest rank which suggest the stages of life in an individual's path to spiritual ascension.

  • The remaining 56 cards make up the second form, the Minor Arcana, the lesser secrets, which is made of four suits: Wands, Coins, Swords, and Discs. Each suit has four court cards and ten numbered cards.

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