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The Journey
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The God, Dionysus
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The Eglinton Herbal Primer.

Adrian Eglinton's

Herbal Primer

A 180-page illustrated eBook on Craft-related Medicinal Plants and their use.

Glossary of Traditional Witchcraft Terms


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The Hermética, or Corpus Hermeticum, are the books of codification containing the many tracts and dialogues that are believed to be the beliefs, religion, and philosophy of ancient Egypt.

A prime product of the Hellenistic culture of Alexandra, Egypt, the Hermética was itself the foundation of a Graeco-Egyptian religion. It has had a profound influence on Western European philosophy, theology, and occultism. As a "secret document", the Hermética influenced many great European thinkers across the centuries and is credited as being one of the prime catalysts of the Renaissance.

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