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Please Note: This Trad is part of the traditional "Old Craft".

We are NOT Wicca.

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What Is Traditional Witchcraft?

How Should You Proceed?

Welcome, seeker

If you wish to become a Traditional Crafter, a practitioner of Traditional Magic, also known as a Trad Witch, and you wish to undertake this quest, then you are a seeker!

a forest view It does not matter if you were born into a witchcraft family or not. It does not matter if you have developed psychic skills or not (although of course that is a big plus). But it does matter that you are interested in learning and practicing Traditional Craft and toy have the determination to begin.

Learning The Old Craft requires time, learning, and practice. It requires a dedication to living The Magical life, becoming closer to nature, mastering new skills, and considerable practice. It is NOT for everyone, but it is for a select few that are suited to The Old Ways.

Historically, seekers have always been accepted for training and mentoring by Trad Crafters, as one's personal interest and situation allowed. Today, this is rare. Memtoring a seeker is difficult to do in the currrent reality of earning a living and managing a family.

In olden times, a seeker would usually be a young person in need of a business trade as well as wishing to learn about The Old Craft. The seeker would be one of the lucky few to be move in with the witch's family and would be accepted as a new family member. Gender did not matter. A willingness to learn did matter.

The seeker studied and worked to learn the Trad Crafter's vocation or trade to become an hebralist, healer, Tarot reader, haberdasher, thatcher, etc. They would also be trained in the practical and spiritual orientation of Traditional Craft belief and practice. The seeker would adopt the traditions of this Trad as his/her own.

Today, some believe that such instruction was free. This was simply not so. While there was usually no exchange of money, the seeker provided years of free labour around the house, in the garden, and in the Trad Crafter's shop in exchange for learning a trade, learning a magical/spiritual tradition, and for room and board. The seeker would become an apprentice "in the old style" for a period of perhaps 3 to 5 years.

But today the old vocational apprenticeships have been replaced by self-study because of the much larger numbers of those interested in learning Traditional Craft than can be accommodated in the old manner.

However, this is also very traditional, as many of the old Crafters were primarily self-taught with only some guiding advice and information from a local Crafter. This is what I can offer.

The Mini-Course

To get you started I have a free introductory course for you to try. By doing this mini-course you will see for yourself if you like it. In this manner you will know if you are suited to skill development. This is an important foundation course in elementary mental techniques that must be mastered. In it you will learn the basics of Going Within, an old form of what today is commonly called meditation and visualization.

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The Journy to Trad Witchcraft

a country view Then when you are ready, you can take the Full eBook Course, The Journy to Trad Witchcraft. Of course, you can study both at the same time, as long as you finish the Mini-Course.

The full Course will provide you with a deeper understanding of the beliefs, practices and customs of the Blue Moon Manor Trad.

Thank You

Thank you for reading this introduction to Traditional Witchcraft in Britain. I hope you have found it informative. Keep in mind this is only a very brief introduction to The Traditional Craft and the Blue Moon Manor Trad.

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