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But please note: This is NOT Wicca.
this is the heritage of the True Old Craft.
The God, Dionysus
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About This Website...


Magister on a manor horse.I am Adrian Eglinton and his is my website. It reflects the spiritual thought, ritual, spellcraft, practices, and customs of Blue Moon Manor, my Trad in the Traditional Craft of the British Isles. This is not Wicca.

Some say the only thing common among Traditional Crafters is diversity. While this is certainly true, within Traditionalism, Trads can be very different from each other but nevertheless there are parameters of generally acknowledged commonalities of spiritual thought, ritual, spellcraft, practices, and customs among a wide spectrum of Traditionalist Crafters. What is presented on this website and in my writings may or may not reflect what is believed or practiced in any one specific Trad, but this Trad certainly is generally within said Traditionalist commonalities.

I teach fundamental spiritual thought, ritual, spellcraft, and practices generally found in Traditional Craft albeit from my own personal perspective and experience. As with many Trad Crafter writers, certain practices and rituals I hold as strictly private.

In presenting information on the Traditional Craft no oath or trust has been broken directly or indirectly.

I hope you may find this website beneficial to your practice.

Pronoun Use

The wordy contortions of "he or she", "him or her", "he/she", "s/he" quickly become awkward to say and tedious to read. So, I use grammatically correct Standard English- the male pronouns to stand for both genders.

Why Our eBook Course Is Not Free

The Mini-Course on Traditional Magic teaches the crucially important basics of meditation; and this is provided free of charge. About 50% of those curious about the Traditional Craft drop out without finishing the seven lessons in the Mini-Course because they lose interest. I offer the Mini-Course free specifically to weed-out those without enough interest to finish the vital task of learning a fundamental skill required in magical procedures- Going Within- meditation.

We charge a fee for the purchase of the eBook Course, which continues instruction where the Mini-Course leaves off.

In ages past, many adapt Traditional Crafters proficient in the praxis in the Old Craft would accept one or two seekers within his/her lifetime for personal training and mentorship, without a monetary compensation. These seekers would work around the Trad Crafter's house, tend his garden, and would help in the Trad Crafter's trade or business. This arrangement was more of an exchange of services between the seeker and the Trad Crafter. The seeker became a vocational apprentice while also learning the Magical Arts, a priceless gift. So, the instruction was never as free as some people today (mostly Wiccans) would have you believe. Seekers paid in labour.

The truth is that creating and maintaining a website, writing articles, providing a free Mini-Course, and answering questions by email requires my time and costs me money. Teachers have always been paid for their services to the public, and Crafters were no different. We charge a fee for the eBook Course in order to recover some expenses and to be able to effectively present what we offer.

Age Restriction Legal Notice

It is our intent to comply with the U.S. Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 and all other applicable laws. Therefore, we restrict our website to persons 18 years of age or older. If you are not 18 years of age or older or if your parents or guardians have not give you specific legal permission to access this website, then you are not permitted to access this website for any reason.

Due to the age restrictions for use of this website, no information obtained by this website falls within the Child Online Privacy Act (COPA) and is not monitored as doing so.

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