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The Glowing Ball
Ritual Meditation

olive vine

The Glowing Ball is an important meditative technique that should be done before spellwork or ritual. It facilitates the mind to Go Within to focus and calm the mind and prepares the mind to enter the zone of ritual consciousness, that magical place between the worlds.

Besides preparation for spellwork and ritual, this meditation should also be done as a daily mental exercise, first thing in the morning, after your 9 to 5 job, or after any stressful situation. Normally it should take 5 - 20 minutes.

Step 1: You need to find a quiet room or some private place outside where you know you will not be interrupted. In inside, this should be a room you can darken, but don't make the room dark yet.

Step 2:

If inside:

  • Use a comfortable but firm chair.

  • Optionally, you can have one lit white candle in a candleholder placed on a table. Place the candle about two-three feet in front of you.

  • Some may also want to light incense.
  • Darken the room.

If outside:

  • Locate a place to be seated in a comfortable manner.

  • You will be under the sun (in the shade) or under the moon, a candle is not necessary or desirable. I never bother with incense when outside.

Step 3: Be seated in a comfortable position. It's important to sit-up straight throughout meditation. Your hands may be on your knees or on your lap, but do NOT cross your arms or legs.

Step 4: Concentrate on your breathing. Take a deep breath while counting to 4. Breathe in through the nose.*

Now breathe out while counting to 8. Breathe out through the mouth. You may alter this pattern if it is more comfortable for you. Repeat this slow breathing for at least 2 minutes. You will become very aware of the calming, rhythmic pattern.

Step 5: Gradually slow your breathing down, to be slower, slower, and deeper.

Step 6: Now visualize yourself breathing in freshness and love; and breathing out negativity and fear.

Step 7: Now visualize your feet surrounded with a glowing ball of beautiful, warm light, (orange, yellow, white, or whatever colour you prefer). This ball of light always brings peace and relaxation. With the coming in of the warm light, negativity drops out the bottom of your feet.

Wherever the ball of light goes, tension will leave, and it will charge you with its energy.

Step 8: Now, the ball of light travels up your legs, then to your torso. Let it go down your arms, to your fingers. Then up to your head. Now it surrounds your entire body. You are now surrounded by this majestic golden ball of warm light.

Step 9: Stay in this state of deep relaxation for at least 5 minutes or for as long as you like.

Step 10: When you are finished, take 3 deep breaths, look around you, and return refreshed and alive, aware of energy throughout your body.

*If you have a cold or for some reason breathing in through the nose is uncomfortable, then breateh in through the mouth.)

Magic Pentacle

The ritual has ended.

You may now sniff or pinch-out the candle and incense, and use them again when needed.

Touch the floor with your hands or bare feet to neutralize excess energy.

Moon through the trees.



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