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To be a shaman is a vocational calling. A gender-neutral term, a shaman is one that has the ability to enter an altered state of consciousness in order to travel to the Other Side, the Spirit World for the purpose of gaining insight and knowledge from personal spirit guides, teachers, and helpers. Various methods are used to aid in achieving a deep trance consciousness. One method is the use of drumming, although other methods might be used. The knowledge gained from shamanic journeys makes it possible for the shaman to gain knowledge and specific information, as well as to heal and help others.

Anyone can learn basic shamanic trance techniques and go on personal journeys to order to gain personal insight into life, and gain advice and help from our personal spirit guides. But to practice shamanic jounrying for other people, a higher level of ability and skill is necessary. It is necessary to study under a full-time mentorship of a qualified shaman for several years. This is not an easy process.

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