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The Law of Return


The Law of Return is the same as Newton's Third Law of Motion and the Law of Cause and Effect. These are laws of physics.

Newton's Third Law of Motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The Law of Cause & Effect states that for every action there is an equal reaction.

This principle is the "Law of Return", "what goes out must come back". At the core of magical practice is the fact that the energy from an action will always return to the initiating practitioner. Energy can change but it will never dissipate or be consumed. Therefore, the Traditional Crafter will know that the energy of positive actions will usually return to the Crafter in a positive manner, just as the energy of negative actions will return as negative energy.

The Law of Return is not the same as Karma. In Karma, an action generates an equal reaction that can help determine one's destiny in a present or future life. But in the Law of Return, an action will alwsys generate a return action in this life.

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